Video: Watch who won the 100m race between Dhoni and Pandya!


When it comes to running between the wickets, the whole world is still amazed about Dhoni. The fitness he maintains even at this age, is still a dream for many players. And that’s why he’s often compared to Usain Bolt.

This is because of the time he takes to cover the distance between two ends of the crease. Few months ago, he posted a photo on his official Instagram handle. He posted it on August 11 by saying,

“NCA all test’s done. 20 mtr in 2.91sec. Run a 3 done in 8.90sec. Time for heavy lunch”

This was actually a test by the National Cricket Academy in Karnataka. Although people started comparing Dhoni with Bold even earlier, this test became a milestone in their comparison.Today the BCCI released a video in Twitter on their official handle. That was a 100m race conducted between Pandya and Dhoni. This was ahead of the 2nd ODI match to be played against Sri Lanka at Mohali.Even though Pandya at the age of 24 tried to beat Dhoni, it was Dhoni who won at the end. And yes! If you guessed it Dhoni then you were right ! Nothing could stop the former Indian captain from winning the race; even at the age of 36.As people say “Age is like wine, it gets better with time”, MS Dhoni proves to be an example for it! Watch the video of that race here below.Here is the Race between MS Dhoni and Pandya !

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