Video: Watch the Ring Ceremony of Kohli and Anushka here below!


The most viral talk on social media yesterday was all about a marriage. Yes! It’s none other than the marriage of Virat Kohli. They got married in a resort at Tuscany, Italy.

Who confirmed this news?

This news was confirmed by Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli at the same time. They both conveyed this on Twitter simultaneously with same captions being written.

Now that they’ve got married, people were curious to know about how it took place. And the pictures which came out on social media, revealed the suspense.

Their marriage took place in a traditional way at a resort in Italy. Only their close family members, friends and neighbors were invited there. Moreover, the arrangements got started earlier this week.

And now after the wedding pictures being released, their ring ceremony video went viral on Instagram. It was shared by a fan page of Kohli in Instagram which turned out to be viral soon.

Watch the video here below

Ring Ceremony of Kohli and Anushka

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