Top 5 Catches in The History of IPL

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  1. Ricky Ponting- (Mumbai Indians) vs. Delhi Daredevils

In April 2013 40 year old Ricky Ponting proved he was as agile as ever, plucking a one handed catch out the sky after seemingly coming from nowhere. The former Australian skipper pulled off one of the best efforts on the IPL field at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, with his catch going down in history.

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  1. AB de Villiers- Delhi Daredevils vs. Royal Challengers

In 2010 AB de Villiers pulled off a spectacular catch at the boundary ropes during the final stages of a game. de Villiers stunned fans with a one handed catch just inside the rope, and although the Daredevils were winning comfortably, his incredible catch once again highlighted his great fielding skills.

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  1. Faf du Plessis- Chennai Super Kings vs. Mumbai Indians

In April 2015 Faf du Plessis pulled off a catch that could only be described as a miracle. He nabbed an impossible-seeming catch after the ball was hit sky high, leaping backwards to grab the ball mid bounce and falling down, all while still clutching the ball.

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  1. Tim Southee/Karun Nair -Rajasthan Royals vs. Kings XI Punjab

Tim Southee went down in the record books in 2015 for his incredible relay catch with Karun Nair. The pairing has been described as one of ‘the best fielding efforts ever’ and when Southee managed to flick the ball back from just inside the ropes, Nair expertly grabbed it before it hit the ground, leaving the crowd awestruck.

Image Credit: BCCI 

  1. Chris Lynn Kolkata -Knight Riders vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore

When Bangalore needed a six to win off 3 balls, Chris Lynn stepped in and made a catch that’s deservedly at the number on position on the list. He slipped, then managed to leap back up, catch the ball, and as he again tumbled, he arched his back to avoid going over the rope. His team not only won the game, he also deservedly claimed the award for Man of the Match.

Image Credit: Decan Chronicle TOP 5 MEMORABLE KNOCK OF IPL

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